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We are.. Why Not To Africa

Why Not To Africa is a Limited Private Charity Foundation whom does Not Cooperate with any other charities.

We Aim to Develop Their Lifestyle and Increase the Chance of a Better Future, Built day by day with Consistency and Perseverance. We do not necessarily Do tasks, we aim to Teach How to Do those tasks. This is Our Concept of Building a Future. This is a non-profit organisation, we are here for all those that already understand the true meaning and true value of helping those in real need. We are independent, We are here and You can be with Us All too! The Project is Yours! Construction Improvements, Water Well Construction, Farming, Nutritional plans, Teaching Events, Religious and Common Sense Educational Sessions, Sport Events in Cameroon and Italy, Great Networks and Extreme Positivity.
Nicola Nick Atzeni
Founder of Why Not To Africa
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Our Missions & Goals


Help us by donating
Just go with a Free Donation, we will use Your Donations to Reach our Goals towards the most Urgent Needs of the Community.


Collect Fund from all
Why Not To Africa has a small range of products “on sale” together with projects for Micro-Fundraising! Ask Us more!


Becoma a volunteer
Get easily in touch, Say what days and times You would like to dedicate and let’s see together which task should suit You better.

Become a Volunteer

Get easily in touch, let Us know the days and the times You would like to dedicate, we will discuss in more details the best areas of assistance that will be most impactful,
So much help is required!
We Wait for You, We Need You too!

Our Volunteer

We Wait for You, We Need You and They Need You too!

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