Kids’ Building

This is the Big Dream, both Long-Term and Difficult, But Definitely will be the Most Rewarding Achievement!

The WaterWell

Where there is Water, There is Life. We have started already, So, Do not wait! Let’s Contibute!

Back to School Time!!!

Do Not Lose the Chance to be Actively Involved in Their Education and Development.

Full Belly Project

We Love this so much! Every couple of weeks the Kids are together. Together means with Us too and You too! Feel good and Feel proud!

Zoetele Fashion Week

hey will be thanking You every morning while wearing those Clothes. Do not think twice, Make Them Happy and Clean!

Free Donation

Just go with a Free Donation, we will use Your Donations to Reach our Goals towards the most Urgent Needs of the Community.

Become a Volunteer

Get easily in touch, let Us know the days and the times You would like to dedicate, we will discuss in more details the best areas of assistance will be most impactful,
So much help is required!
We Wait for You, We Need You too!